2017 | 74-1

Towns, vici and castra in Northern Gaul

between Late Antiquity and the beginning of the Early Middle Ages

Michel Kasprzyk & Martial Monteil

ISBN: 978-2-271-11768-7

Format: 22 x 28 cm, 308 pages

Publication date: 08/03/2018

DOI: 10.4000/gallia.1319

Michel Kasprzyk & Martial Monteil
Towns, vici and castra in Northern Gaul (3rd-6th c. AD): an overview [p. 1-12]

Regional approaches

Martial Monteil
The towns of the province of Lugdunensis Tertia (Bretagne and Pays de la Loire): between abandonment, perduration and new foundations [p. 15-37]

Christian Cribellier
Towns of Central Gaul: patterns of occupation and evolution of the network
(3rd-6th c. AD)
[p. 39-60]

Pierre Nouvel & Stéphane Venault
The towns in Central-Eastern Gaul: their destiny in Late Antiquity [p. 61-89]

Michel Kasprzyk
The small towns / vici / castra of Central-Eastern Gaul: morphology and functions
(3rd-7th c. AD)
[p. 91-117]

Raymond Brulet
Towns in Germania Secunda in the 4th and 5th centuries AD [p. 119-146]

Case studies

Sonia Antonelli & Jean-Paul Petit
The agglomeration of Bliesbruck during Late Antiquity: between continuities and breakings [p. 149-164]

Laurent Fournier & Thomas Guillemard
avec la collaboration de Marie-Pierre Chambon
The town of Chilleurs-aux-Bois in the Late Antiquity [p. 165-179]

Étienne Mantel & Stéphane Dubois
The town of Briga (Eu, Bois-l’Abbé, Seine-Maritime): first data about the occupation during Late Antiquity [p. 181-193]

Clément Hervé
The agglomerations of Nyon, Lausanne and Yverdon: three examples in the Western part of the “Plateau suisse” between Late Antiquity and Early Middle Age [p. 195-208]

Nicolas Meyer
The agglomeration of Sarrebourg-Pons Saravi (Moselle) and Saverne-TabernisTres Tabernae (Bas-Rhin): two fates of both sides of the Vosges during Late Antiquity
[p. 209-221]

Raphaël Clotuche, Bérangère Fort, Julie Donnadieu, Nicolas Tisserand & Annick Thuet
The Roman small town of Famars/Fanum Martis (Nord) during Late Antiquity: from a trade centre to the military site [p. 223-234]

Claire Besson, Diane Laneluc & Olivier Puaux
The agglomeration of Melun (Seine-et-Marne) during Late Antiquity: from Metlosedum to Meteglo [p. 235-248]

Dieter Quast
The Runde Berg and hilltop settlements in the territory of the Alamanni
(4th-5th c. AD)
 [p. 249-259]

Philippe Gandel & David Billoin
The Early medieval hilltop fortified settlement at Château-sur-Salins
(Salins-les-Bains, Jura)
[p. 261-272]

David Billoin & Cédric Cramatte
The Late antique and Early medieval castrum of Mandeure and the hilltop fortified settlement at Château-Julien (Doubs) [p. 273-287]

Sandra Chabert & Damien Martinez
The hilltop sites in Auvergne (4th-7th c. AD): some new forms of clustered settlements [p. 289-306]

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Case studies

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