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1. Plan of the Oedenburg sector (surveyed by A. Cestre in 1877, Altkirch museum, inv. PD 2, deposited at the Biesheim museum by the Sundgauvien museum in Altkirch), in Reddé M., Twenty years of research in Oedenburg (Biesheim and Kunheim, Haut-Rhin): an overview, Gallia, 76-2, 2019 (fig. 2, p. 17).

2. Burial Sp294, upper portion of the body (photo: S. Naji, Archeodunum), in Segard M., Corbineau R., de Seréville-Niel C., Rast-Eicher A., Privileged burials in the civitas of the Pictones: the funerary area of Jaunay-Clan (Vienne), Gallia, 76-1, 2019 (fig. 38, p. 152).

3. View to the north-east of the hypocausts of the second thermal section (photo: D. Bossut, Inrap), in Labarre D., Beutin (Pas-de-Calais): a domestic thermal bath installation in the Morin region, Gallia, 76-2, 2019 (fig. 12, p. 199).

4. The fully excavated tomb 427 (photo: Cl. Barbet, Inrap), in Barbet Cl., Pardon-Labonnelie M., Chalvidal C., Aubin M., Family burial-place and funerary memory of a practitioner at Marquion (Pas-de-Calais), Gallia, 76-1, 2019 (fig. 4, p. 110).