Bibliographic Style

Gallia makes available a zotero bibliographic style that respects the journal’s standards.

Bibliographic Database

The editorial staff provides access to its bibliographic database on zotero. You can consult and synchronize the bibliographical references for all of the articles published in the journals Gallia, Gallia Préhistoire, Supplements to Gallia and Supplements to Gallia Préhistoire, from 1943 to today.

Access to online resources (facsimile or full-text) is possible by simply clicking on a reference.

Links between articles make it easier to navigate within the corpus, particularly in the case of summary articles published over several years or within several volumes.

A set of keywords makes it possible to find the different sections of the printed version (editorial, obituary, detailed report, annotated document, note, informational, dossier article or varia, historical or prehistoric period).

The informational section is indexed by current regions, making it possible to identify all data from old archaeological zones.

A pre-encoding of the typographical enrichments (italics, capitals and small capitals) facilitates the export of references selected for the creation of a bibliography with a word processing software.

All feedback that may improve this tool is welcome (typos, errors, etc.).